Color Theory

Theory of Color by Goethe Farbkreis In 1998 I entered a college class to learn the principles of color theory as understood and presented by Josef Albers through his book “Interaction of Color” first published in 1963. As I progressed through each exercise my eyesight was clearly changing as I began to be able to discern the dynamics of color shift and change right before me.

Josef Albers and Student“The text of Interaction of Color provides the careful reader with the content of Josef Albers’ famous color course. His teaching is based on learning by direct perception, and not by theories or color systems. There are many books on color on the market, but no one combines eyesight with such profound insight as Josef Albers does in Interaction of Color.”—Hannes Beckmann

Computers were not used in any of the exercises since the colors had to be very specific and the same for each student in the class. In addition, we needed actual hands-on experience with each color to truly begin to see how color changes color. For this reason, we all purchased the same box of 200 color papers to work with for the full semester.

I am very excited to have this opportunity, through the web, to share with you many of the exercises I created by hand throughout this course. Click on the words “Read More” for the full text about each exercise. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or I’d love to read your comments for the Color Theory exercises below.

Color Theory Portfolio